It’s so great to have you here reading my story.  I’ll keep it short.  I’m Jennifer Reed, a Registered Holistic Nutritionist and owner of Spiral Health in Quesnel, BC where I was born and raised.  My adult life didn’t start out in the health industry.  I once had a fun and exciting career designing body armour and safety equipment for several years in Kelowna but I had always had an interest in natural health and one day I decided it was time for a career change.  Off to Vancouver I went to attend the Natural Nutrition program at CSNN.  From there I moved back home to start Spiral Health offering nutritional consultations and work at a local health food store.  I started a small black and white newsletter called Nature’s Medicine Cabinet which was distributed in Quesnel and an annual health fair for our community.

3 years later my partner and I decided to start a family and if at all possible I would stay at home with our munchkin.  Expanding the newsletter into a beautiful, colourful magazine was at the top of my list to allow me to work from home and have flexible hours.  Nature’s Medicine Cabinet became Discover Wellness and here you have it!

Discover Wellness Magazine is how I meld my design background, my want to inspire others to make healthy choices and my love for helping others promote their expertise.  Articles and recipes are sourced from professionals in the industry including naturopathic doctors, dieticians, counsellors, herbalists, holistic nutritionists, and other health practitioners and health enthusiasts.

I hope you enjoy reading my little magazine.

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